Zapp Notes III 2015-2018

Outsmart In Art Presents: Riedstra visual artist

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(©)Zapp Notes III,softpastel
100 X 70 cm  2015 – 2018

Quick Facts

About Riedstra: A Working Process     

Artist statement:

Riedstra started drawing at a young age and in the following years, after finishing her education at St Martins, London (M.A. Scenography), she developed an authentic style, that characterises her as a professional artist, fully aware of the world she lives in and fully aware of how to respond to the estrangement she encounters in society.

This also being her point of departure.

Her talent is being recognized and this gives her the opportunity to work freely, from within herself, without being bordered by what is agreeable and fashionable.  Riedstra studied fine art in Tel Aviv and The Hague. At St. Martins in London she successfully did her M. A. in Scenography.  Concluding with a theatrical project in Sevilla, Spain.

About Riedstra: A Working Process

As a photographer Riedstra uses this very same talent, the eye of the camera becoming her drawing tool so to speak.
Her photographs were chosen for a major exhibition at the Louvre in Paris.

Works on Paper are in the collection of the City Museum in Tetovo, Macedonia, and Budapest, Hungaria.

Drawings from the Renaissance project were bought by private collectors in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, France, USA.

Paintings are in private collections.

Art touches very essential emotions, a way of judging ourselves. Those are very important human activities. (Ai Weiwei)

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